NBA Fans – A little too involved

Once again, a fan attending an NBA game has had a profound impact on an NBA game. Last year it was “Brawl”, already this year we saw a New York Knick storm into the stands to protect his wife who he felt was being threatened. The most recent event being Kevin Garnett ejected for “throwing” a ball into the stands striking a fan. Garnett has also since been fined by the NBA for his actions. Because once a ball has been thrown into the stands a player is to be immediately ejected and fined for their actions.

This time however, I feel KG should cry foul! It was clear that KG was unintentionally throwing the ball into the stands. He was ultimately trying to receive a delay of game call. I understands the league’s thinking on why they are cracking down on fan/player interaction. But this was definately a case where the referees should have used better judgement. Afterall, this wasn’t a instance in which Ron Artest stormed into the stands to actively engage in a hand to hand fight with fan, who instigated the act. David Stern’s efforts to change the NBA from a street thugs game to one of professional men may have gone terribly wrong this time. Something must be done correct instances where fans may directly affect the outcome of the game, not by their crowd noise, but by their actions.


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